Training Times – Junior Squad

Posted on January 4, 2017 by

COACH: Hiromi Barnett
Please note the days/times below whereby there are changes to the regular training timetable for the Junior Squad;

Last training session for 2017 – 8 December 2017
QLD Swimming Championships – 9-15 December 2017
First session of 2018 – Tuesday 2 January 2018 (3:30pm)

09-Dec Sat No Training           QLD CHAMPS
10-Dec Sun No Training           QLD CHAMPS
11-Dec Mon No Training           QLD CHAMPS
12-Dec Tue No Training           QLD CHAMPS
13-Dec Wed No Training           QLD CHAMPS
14-Dec Thu No Training           QLD CHAMPS
15-Dec Fri No Training           QLD CHAMPS
16-Dec Sat Holidays            
17-Dec Sun Holidays            
18-Dec Mon Holidays            
19-Dec Tue Holidays            
20-Dec Wed Holidays            
21-Dec Thu Holidays            
22-Dec Fri Holidays            
23-Dec Sat Holidays            
24-Dec Sun Holidays            
25-Dec Mon Holidays            
26-Dec Tue Holidays            
27-Dec Wed Holidays            
28-Dec Thu Holidays            
29-Dec Fri Holidays            
30-Dec Sat Holidays            
31-Dec Sun Holidays            
01-Jan Mon Holidays            
02-Jan Tue         3:30-5:30pm Gym/Swim BGS
03-Jan Wed         3:30-5:30pm Swim BGS
04-Jan Thu         3:30-5:30pm Gym/Swim BGS
05-Jan Fri              
06-Jan Sat 6:30-8:30am Swim BGS        
07-Jan Sun              
08-Jan Mon         3:30-5:30pm Swim BGS
09-Jan Tue         3:30-5:30pm Gym/Swim BGS
10-Jan Wed         3:30-5:30pm Swim BGS
11-Jan Thu         3:30-5:30pm Gym/Swim BGS
12-Jan Fri              
13-Jan Sat 6:30-8:30am Swim BGS        
14-Jan Sun              
15-Jan Mon         3:30-5:30pm Swim BGS
16-Jan Tue         3:30-5:30pm Gym/Swim BGS
17-Jan Wed         3:30-5:30pm Swim BGS
18-Jan Thu         3:30-5:30pm Gym/Swim BGS
19-Jan Fri              
20-Jan Sat 6:30-8:30am Swim BGS