Commercial Swimming Meet

Posted on January 29, 2017 by

It was an enjoyable and relaxed day down at the Valley pool, where a number of BGS swimmers competed in 50m events in preparation for Brisbane and Queensland sprints in February. It was a great meet for swimmers to record times in races they have never competed in. All swimmers showed improvements in their technique and dropped seconds off their PBS which is a testament to the hard work the swimmers and coaches have put in at training.

Most importantly the swimmers all enjoyed themselves, socializing and supporting each other in and out of the pool.

Congratulations to the junior swimmers who raced for the first time in an individual event and to all BGS swimmers who displayed sportsmanship the coaches were extremely proud of. We are all very excited as to what’s to come throughout the year.

Lastly, a big thank you to parents and friends for your help with timekeeping and ensuring the swimmers are fueled appropriately and arriving on time.

Brittany and Hiromi

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