The QLD State Team Experience – by Joe Jackson

Posted on September 29, 2017 by

The QLD State Team Experience – by Joe Jackson

Having experienced the pressure and comradery of State Teams, my club mates and I have developed into more determined athletes, and are appreciative of the many friends we made at the competition.

The meet itself is not a test on individual performance, but on your ability to put pride and honor into our undefeated state of QLD.

I can say that our first timers – Alex Grant, Gabby Scudamore and Chloe Scriggins – enjoyed a supportive and intense environment of which future representatives should look forward to.

Chloe and I, while sad that the experience is over, are motivated to continue our competitive careers. No doubt, world class swimmers have enjoyed inclusive events such as State Teams and I am keen to see what our younger BGS Swimming Club swimmers are capable of in the future.