BGS Australian Team Representatives

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The BGS Swimming Athletes listed below are acknowledged for being selected to represent Australia in various aquatic sports, whilst training within the BGS Swimming Program.

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Ned McKendry (BGS OB) – Swimming

Josh Amberger – Triathlon

Ryan Fisher- Triathlon

Ashleigh Gentle – Triathlon

Sarah Deuble – Triathlon

Anna Coldham – Triathlon

Jodie Duff – Triathlon

Holly Grice – Triathlon

Sophie Malowiecki – Triathlon

Alisha Ellwood – Surf Lifesaving

Pam Hendry – Surf Lifesaving

Sam Bell – Surf Lifesaving

Miranda Bell – Surf Lifesaving

Rhys Howden – Water Polo

BJ Howden – Water Polo

Billie Miller – Water Polo

Daniel Young (BGS OB) – Water Polo

Aisling Scott – Swimming

Jared Gilliland – Swimming

Emily Seebohm – Swimming

Brittany Elmslie – Swimming

Minna Atherton – Swimming

Calypso Sheridan – Swimming

Ellodie Ruffin – Water Polo

Gemma Cooney – Swimming