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Please note the various memberships associated with the BGS Swimming Club

General Membership
All participants are required to pay the $90 annual General Membership fee and complete the General Membership Registration Form.
Once a membership form is completed, you must complete your General Membership Payment, via the online BGS Swim Shop

Competitive Membership
Swimmers who wish to participate within the **SAL/SQ/BSA competition structure, need to pay an additional $71 on top of their $90 General Membership fee, to activate their Competitive Membership

Swimmers need to complete a General Membership Registration Form and are then required to complete a Swimming Australia, SwimCentral profile, via the link below;

Please click here to access SwimCentral

Swimmer transferring their membership from other clubs please click here


Membership Type
Cost Membership Applies to…
How Do I Pay
General Membership $90 Every swimmer participating within the program, including GPS Swimmers Complete Membership Form Here

Complete Online Payment Here

Competitive Membership $71 Any swimmer wishing to compete at the various club competitions Register / Transfer Memberships with SwimCentral


The 2019/20 swimming season begins on 1st July 2019.

All members will be required to rejoin the swimming club from the commencement of the 3rd term coaching period.

We also require all members to resubmit a new Membership Form for the 2019/20 season, so as to ensure that your contact information in the system is correct. Members should update their postal address, phone numbers, email address and emergency contact details.

A $99 General Membership fee is payable upon starting with the BGS Swimming Club – make payment here

Please note that members who join mid-season will not be offered a reduced annual membership fee.

Members wishing to renew their SAL/SQ/BSA Competitive Swimming Membership – please click here to access SwimCentral

**SAL – Swimming Australia LTD
QSA – QLD Swimming Assoc
BSA – Brisbane Swimming Assoc


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