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Arrangements for 6 March – GPS Champs

Posted on March 3, 2015 by

Arrangements for 7-12 GPS Swimming:

10.00 – boys arrive to ISC Grandstand (shave down at home)

10.10 – team photos in age groups – pool deck

10.30 – 11.30 warm up in pool

11.30 – boys get changed and move to Boarders’ Dining room for
lunch at 11.45

11.45 – 12.15 lunch – Dining Room

12.30 buses to Chandler

1.30 warm up + (masseuse start time) and championships

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Grammar Only Night – Friday 27 February – BGS Pool – GPS Swimmers Only years 5-12

Posted on February 23, 2015 by

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Grammar Only Night – Friday 27 February – BGS Pool – GPS Swimmers Only years 5-12

Each year on the Friday before GPS, the entire GPS Swimming Community comes together to celebrate everything BGS Swimming.

The Grammar Only Night will also host the induction of 2 swimmers into the list of “Legends of BGS Swimming”.

The MIC of Swimming, will provide parents and swimmers with information about the week leading into the GPS Championships and explain what happens on the day of the Championships.

The arrangements for this year’s Grammar Only Night will be as follows;

3:30pm Whole Team Photo
All boys must wear PE Uniform
3:45pm Whole Team Warm up
4:15pm Races Start
6:00pm At the conclusion of the races there will be Supper and Presentations
All boys are asked to bring a plate;
Year 5-7 Sweet
Year 8-10 Savoury
Year 11-12 Soft Drink

We will need a lot of volunteers on the night, therefore we ask parents to please make themselves available.

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2015 GPS Swimming Awards Presentation

Posted on February 21, 2015 by


Sunday 8 March
44 Ferry Street, Kangaroo Point.

Please complete the survey below to register your place at the GPS Swimming Annual Awards Presentation Function.

Here is a link to the survey:

Please join us for this special afternoon to celebrate the hard work and achievements of all our swimmers this season.

To ensure we cater for appropriate numbers, it is essential that a response to this survey is received by 5pm WEDNESDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2015.

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NO Training (10/02/15)

Posted on February 9, 2015 by

Please note..

NO Training for GPS Swimmers (5-7) tomorrow afternoon (10/02/15), due to the School Swimming Championships.


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Leadup Meet #1 – Friday 30 January

Posted on January 28, 2015 by


All GPS Swimmers are reminded about Lead up Meet #1, this Friday evening.

What are Leadup Meets?? – Click here


Lead-up Meet #1 – Friday 30 January

  • Boys in year 5
  • Boys in year 6
  • Boys in year 7 (born 2003)
3:15pm ….. Boys meet at front of school
3:30pm Bus leaves for Chandler
4:30pm Boys begin Lead-up Carnival
6:15pm Lead-up Meet concludes
6:30pm Boys depart Chandler
approx 7:00pm Parents pick up boys from front of school (boys will text from bus)


Lead-up Meet #1 – Friday 30 January

  • Boys in year 7 (born 2002)
  • Boys in year 8
  • Boys in year 9
  • Boys in year 10
  • Boys in year 11
  • Boys in year 12
3:20pm Boys head to BGS Pool
3:30pm Boys warmup
5:00pm Boys head to BGS dining room
5:30pm Boys depart BGS to Chandler
6:00pm Boys arrive Chandler
6:30pm Lead-up Meet begins
8:30pm Lead-up Meet concludes
….. Boys depart Chandler (boys will text from bus)
9:00pm Parents pick up boys from front of school
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Welcome to Term 1 – 2015

Posted on January 22, 2015 by

Welcome to Term 1 … the busiest time of the year for the BGS Swimming Program.

Please see important information below;

QUT Gardens Point
The BGS Swimming Program has secured the exclusive use of a new 8 lane, indoor heated 50m pool, located at the Queensland University of Technology – Gardens Point Campus. Both the GPS Swimming Team and the Swimming Club athletes will utilize this facility as part of their preparation for the various upcoming competitions.

The Brisbane Grammar Swimming Program is the only swimming program in QLD to boast both and indoor 8 lane 50m AND indoor 10 lane 25m pool.

Indoor = No Sunburn, No Weather Cancellations, Great Temperature!!

More information about our training venues here


The BGS Swimming Program provides transport to and from various external venues, for BGS Students. External venues like QUT and the Chandler Aquatic Centre act as a host for training or competition activities.

Please click the link below for the transport options available to BGS Students during the period 28 January – 8 March 2015.

Transport Information Here


Training Times
A complete training time guide is available via the links below for the period 28 January – 8 March;

Brisbane Grammar School Students
GPS Swimmers years 5-12 – click here for training times

BGS Swimming Club
Lushy’s Squads – click here for training times

Jan, Jess’s, Cedric and Harry’s Squads – click here for training times


Upcoming Competitions
There are a number of competition available to all members of the BGS Swimming Community, including this weekend at the Valley Pool.

Thank you to 60+ athletes that registered for this event, including most of the BGS year 5, 6 and 7 students, who have been attending the swimming clinic this week.

All information relating to this event is available at the link below. I encourage ALL parents to check to see what events their swimmers have been entered into and what time their event is scheduled for.

Commercial Qualifying Meet – Valley Pool
Saturday, 24 January 2015
Information Here


BGS Students – competitions
There is an expectation for Brisbane Grammar School Students to attend Friday Night Lead-up Meets. Attendance at these meets provides swimmers with times that will be used for selection of the Brisbane Grammar School Team competing at the GPS Swimming Championships

Please click here for a full GPS Event Schedule
Please click here for more information about Leadup Meets

BGS Swimming Club – competitions
There are many opportunities for swimming club members to compete in term 1.
There is an expectation for swimmers to compete and represent the BGS Swimming Program if meet prerequisites are met.

Please click here for a full BGS Swimming Club Competition Event Schedule


Coaching Fees
Invoices for Term 1 Coaching Fees will be emailed shortly.
Please make your payment within 7 days.
More information about the coaching fees associated with the term 1 period can be located here.
Brisbane Grammar School students are except from coaching fees.



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Qld Primary Schools Relay Carnival

Posted on November 24, 2014 by


Qld Primary Schools Relay Carnival

Last Friday night 32 boys from Years 5, 6 & 7 competed in the Qld Primary Schools Relay Carnival at Chandler.

BGS had eight teams compete against schools from all over South East Queensland. This is the largest contingent the School has ever sent to this particular meet.

All boys competed very well with many personal best times recorded. Our Senior A and Junior A Teams both made it through to the finals and finished just outside of the medals.

Congratulations to all swimmers involved!

Mr. Matthew Logan


Boys Senior Freestyle Relay 2.10.00 Time Split
Noah Rosemann 31.87
Tom Rimmington 31.62
Brendan Fu 34.39
Sam Cochrane 31.85
Boys Senior Freestyle Relay 2.13.00 Time Split
Henry Sommerville 33.14
Flynn Boorer 33.92
Sam Atherton 32.46
Tim Rainbird 33.83
Boys Senior Freestyle Relay 2.18.00 Time Split
Hugh Weightman 36.38
William Staib 36.39
Will Simpson 35.51
Harry Logan 36.21
Boys Senior Freestyle Relay 2.24.00 Time Split
Cade Winter 36.3
Jude Johnson 36.75
Angus Pearn 36.48
Oscar Keir 35.11
Boys Senior Freestyle Relay 2.26.00 Time Split
Ben Rainbird 38.77
Jono Cooke 37.52
Luca Biscaro 39.00
Harrison Cleland 39.00
Boys Senior Freestyle Relay 2.30.00 Time Split
Max Wagland 38.67
Tom Stunden 41.73
Ed Cochrane 44.01
Hamish Goodwin 38.1
Boys Senior Freestyle Relay 2.35.00 Time Split
James Tam 42.67
Jackson Ridley 40.02
Tom Clifton 41.51
Jude Johnson 42.14
Boys Junior Freestyle Relay 2.30.00 Time Split
Drew Weightman 36.47
Jack Spencer 39.02
Campbell Bollard 40.56
Sam Powell 35.86
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Posted on November 16, 2014 by


You will recall that Lushy spoke about our Athlete Management System – Smartabase. All BGS Club Members are able to access their testing data through the AMS, and this has been outlined in the steps below. Up to this point, the primary function of Smartabase has been to store all our testing, screening and performance data, and to generate individual and group reports – similar to what you received last night. We are building the system daily to best customize our needs, and this means greater opportunity to track and manage athlete development over time.



Smartabase is the most comprehensive athlete management database (product) available on the market. A generous donation made by the P&F Auxiliary in 2012 allowed BGS to purchase the rights to the system. Since 2012, we have been able to centralise our data into one system so that we can effectively manage, track and analyse information relating to students’ performances and results. The growth of (such) performance analysis and athlete profiling tools are central to determining key performance indicators, trends and accountability.

BGS Students and BGS Swimming Club Members are able to access all their fitness testing data by going to: BGS Smartabase Homepage



BGS students to log in using their school email address and password. When logging in for the first time:

  1. At the top right of the screen, you will see a prompt which will say something like “Forgot password.” Enter your school email address into the space, and you will get a password sent to your school email account.
  2. You can then log onto the system by using your school ID or your email address, along with the password you have just been given.
  3. Once you are logged in, you can then change your password by going to the blue box on the far top right of screen.
  4. Click onto Account option. From there, you can change your password.

* NB: BGS Swim Club Members should be able to log in using their Club ID number. If you’re not certain what this is, please contact Jimmy ( for details.


Sally Bailey
Director of Athletic Development

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