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BGS Swimming Weekly Athletic Planner

Posted on June 9, 2013 by

The Athletic Planner is a training tool that is to be used by BGS Swimming Program athletes to help best manage their training week. This has particular relevance for athletes involved in 2-3+ sports over a calendar year, both to manage in-season commitments and training load, as well as the additional requirements that often arise as other sports programs begin pre-season preparations.

In particular, younger athletes historically tend to experience a range of sports and activities in their early high school years. This Planner is designed to assist athletes in managing their time. The Athletic Planner is simply a template for swimmers and parents to download and use for their own personal use. It can be used as an electronic file, or once filled out they can printed and kept in a diary or on the fridge! If the athlete is involved in a couple of different sports, they are able to share their planner with coaches to keep them informed of training loads and commitments. The Planner also allows the athlete to input other commitments such as music and tutoring into their weekly schedule.

Swimmers are invited to discuss any commitment conflicts with their coach in the first instance.

Our Director of Athletic Development – Ms Sally Bailey, is also on hand to provide advice.




Our Weekly Athletic Planner can help BGS Swimming Program athletes (and parents) manage weekly commitment schedules

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