Holiday Training Fees

Posted on March 28, 2018 by

As the program nears the end of the regular Term 1 Coaching Period, we remind parents that
TRAINING FEES are now payable for the Term 1, Holiday Period.

Term 1 – Holidays State, National and Performance Squads 1 April – 15 April All Squads PAY HERE
Term 1 – Intensives Micro and Junior Burger Squads 1 April – 15 April All Squads PAY HERE


The BGS Swimming Program will be trialing a new Training Intensive Schedule, throughout the Term 1 Holidays for the Squads named below;

Micro Burgers

Junior Burgers

The new Intensive Schedule is a great opportunity to work on all technical aspects of swimming. They will include days focused on specific strokes and racing skills that are essential for the acquisition of skills and technique.

Please familiarize yourself with the training times (for all Squads) via the link below;