Musculo-Skeletal Screening

Posted on July 12, 2013 by

Athlete Physiotherapy Screening

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Injury prevention is better than a cure.

BGS Swimming and The Health Collab have partnered to develop a number of swim specific musculo-skeletal screening protocols to identify the weaknesses in athletes that may predispose them towards particular injuries.

With a battery of flexibility, strength and stability tests our physiotherapist, Tom Barton, can identify areas within an athlete that need attention, in order to reduce their injury potential and maximise their technique and athletic ability.

After assessment, swimmers will receive individually prescribed pre-training exercises, to be completed until their next screening.

We will also be expanded our screening protocols to other sports such as Water Polo, Triathlon and Surf Lifesaving.

These athlete screening interventions are another unique service offered only to BGS Swimmers.

Athletes will be notified of their scheduled time.


Individual Screen:
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If your coach has asked you to complete a Catch-up Individual Musculo-Skeletal Screening Test, please use the link above to make a booking with Tom Barton at The Health Collab.

You will need to provide Tom with the following details;
Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your BGS Squad Coaches Name
Your Best Swimming Event/s