QLD State Team Report

Posted on November 4, 2018 by

Following an intense week of training and competing at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, Gabrielle Scudamore and I have mixed emotions as we conclude our final time representing the prestigious Queensland Swimming team.

It is an honour to have been given the opportunity to race the best age group athletes in the country and as BGS swimmers we always look forward to any competition that challenges us both our physical and mental strength.

It is only through each individual athlete’s collective to remain physically but more importantly, mentally strong that allowed Queensland to continue an undefeated streak of 11 years.

The competition never failed to challenge us and from this, our passion for the sport grew – it will surely be missed.

Looking forward, Gabby and I are eager to continue to seek improvement in and out of the pool.

We are honoured to have been given the opportunity to represent Queensland and are confident that our careers as both swimmers and people will continue to grow under the tutorage David Lush, Bobby Jovanovich and the coaching staff at BGS.

Alexander Grant + Gabrielle Scudamore