The Joe Jackson Experience

Posted on November 5, 2018 by

Bula, amigos!
The past few months have been an exciting start to the new swimming season, travelling overseas to exotic places and competing at a junior international level for the first time. For me, swimming for Australia at the Junior Pan Pacs and Youth Olympics was a great honour and has left some unforgettable experiences. Since hearing my team selection in April, I have learnt extensively on the spirit of representing Australia among other things in the pool that I aim to improve on in the future. Meeting new friends was also special. I encourage anyone who dreams of attending such extraordinary events to keep training with a world class program offered by BGS swimming.

Travelling to my first event in Suva, I was nervous but eager to get my first taste of international competition. I managed to make 3 finals in the 50m and 100m Freestyle and the 100m Butterfly, along with claiming my first medal (silver) in the boys 4x100m Freestyle. The meet was highly celebrated in Fiji media, sharing the country’s culture and stories to the rest of the Pacific region, especially in a stunning spectacle at the end.

Six weeks later, the next trip to Argentina was tiring but worth it. The team was amazed by the Olympic fanfare so widespread in Buenos Aires and the Village. Our apartment building with countries such as Holland, Estonia and North Korea was only a fraction of the Village. The trips to sporting complexes ranged from a 10-minute walk for the swimmers to a 2-hour bus ride for the sailors, showing how extensive the Games were in Buenos Aires. Meeting sporting ambassadors such as Tony Hawk and basketballer Steve Smith was also another highlight.

Despite average personal results due to an ankle injury before Argentina, I embraced the atmosphere and excitement of these competitions and I am looking forward to getting back into training to try and have similar experiences in the future.

Joe Jackson